Top 10 Weird and Crazy Celebrity Houses

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It’s no secret that celebrities often spend large sums of money on strange things, and these houses are no exception. Here are the top ten weird and crazy celebrity houses.

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22 Replies to “Top 10 Weird and Crazy Celebrity Houses”

  1. Andreas Venizelou

    It really amazes me that these people yes have a lot of money but do they really need a convent? How many rooms does a family really need? Whilst in their Countries people are homeless.

  2. Poppy L

    WAY TO GO Leonardo DiCaprio!! I’m very very proud of you. To always think about the planet that you live on. And your not fake about it.

  3. ExclusiveLM

    I'm sorry. But, Downey Jr.'s house is fucking ugly. Is that actual cork on the walls of his dining room at 10:45. This house easily fits anywhere in the United States in the 1960s or 1970s. That guy has made a ton of money with Iron Man and his other movies. This is what he lives in ? Did he lose a bet with Satan ? smh.

  4. Charles Cook

    John Travolts house is actually in Anthony Florida right outside of Ocala…I've built 2 houses next to his in the gated community he lives in

  5. Don Corl

    As Leo flys his private jet all the over the world. That private jet burns more gas than 10,000 SUV’s on one cross country trip.GIVE ME A BREAK!

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