Top 10 Celebrity Affairs

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29 Replies to “Top 10 Celebrity Affairs”

  1. Meir Wise

    Where are Prince Charles and President Clinton? Did they pay to be out of this video? And whilst the men are lowlifes the women know what they are doing. What happened to sister solidarity?

  2. Cheshire Cat

    Once a cheater always a cheater! If they leave their long-term-partner/husband/wife for you they will leave you for someone else later on, too!

  3. Enough Already

    I think it's weird when the woman that the guy cheated with freaks out after she finds out he cheated on her tell me what more proof does she need he cheated on his wife she cheated on her husband they just thought they would get away with it and live happily ever after . News flash! Payback is a bitch !!!!!!! Is delusional to think that you're going to ride off into the sunset after breaking someone's heart like that !!!!!! #theirfullofcrap

  4. Anders Nordlund Kastrup 9B Hovedgård Skole, folkeskoleafdeling

    Where is John Lennon and Yoko Ono? I clicked this video to watch something about the Beatles.

  5. Courtney Howell

    If you’re going to put John F. Kennedy on your list and it was based off of a rumor but not put Bill Clinton on there and his affair was true, your list is trash.

  6. nick mccormack

    How is it humanely possible to cheat on Jennifer Anniston seriously look at her she is fucking stunning and her personality is almost as good

  7. Roca Bibaby

    How is an affair news? And why do celebs have a press conference? They don't owe anyone an apologize but their spouse. Only proves how over inflated their egos are.

  8. Nicole Czarnecki

    Watching the excerpt from JFK's speech, I got the vibe that JFK was a creep. Not that I didn't know that, though (with, e.g., JFK being a Nazi sympathizer and serial adulterer).

  9. queenstixxzz

    I am still surprised that people actually looked up to Brad and Angelina, as a power couple. They should have been seen as disgusting. But that is America, I guess.

  10. JAMS's Nana

    90% of Hollywood is just trash. Good movies, shitty politicians, horrendous role models for ANYONE. We just forget till we see something like this.

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