Old Hollywood Superstars Who Never Came Out Of The Closet

Let’s state the obvious: Being a gay celebrity during the days of Old Hollywood was no walk in the park. While most of these stars stayed in the closet throughout their careers. speculation ran rampant about their sexuality.

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Marilyn Monroe preferred blondes | 0:13
Katherine Hepburn reportedly got bored easily | 0:58
​Barbara Stanwyck’s cloudy sexuality | 1:52
Anthony Perkins: His alleged behind-the-scenes boyfriends | 2:46
Greta Garbo’s ‘exciting secret’ | 3:21
Rock Hudson’s ‘sweetheart’ | 3:56

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25 Replies to “Old Hollywood Superstars Who Never Came Out Of The Closet”

  1. Frew Ofstew

    I loved her, Hepburn, and Spencer in "The Desk Set" and she and Peter Otoole were great in "The Lion in Winter". Oh I forgot to mention "The African Queen…great show! Never thought of her as gay…and it wasn't because of the relationship with Spencer either. Just never crossed my mind.

  2. Nada Ahmed

    btw, some celebrities still are in the closet because of PR. Not new ones I mean, celebrities who got famous decades ago. They still don't come out because they probably lied a lot about their lives and relationships. For example, many fans speculate the jared padalecki and jensen ackles from supernatural are actually together, but pretend to be married to other women. This is because they started acting in the hit show (supernatural) in 2005. When being LGBT wan't very acceptable, and managment fear that the show might get lower raitings if fans were to find out. This is just one example of how celebrities still are "forced" in the closet, and it's such a sad matter.

  3. Tweety Bird

    Who Fn cares!!! Gay people have been around since the days of Rome ruling all of Europe. Caesar, Caligula, thousands of others. It seems all the talented
    people on this planet are gay? Elton is the Beethoven of our century, and I have seen him 5 times, but I don't give a shit he is gay. I am so glad my wife and kids saw his retirement!!!

  4. dave Davidh

    The usual gay propaganda is there any proof apart from the usual suspects out to sell a book. According to the gay mafia every Hollywood star was gay or bi its just a load of rubbish.

  5. aliyamoon80

    I find it so odd that sexual preference matters in Hollywood. We are talking about ACTORS, right? So what if they ACT as a heterosexual, homosexual, or asexual? It's acting. Who they are in their real life is who they are. Why is this anyone's business? Didn't watch the video, by the way, because I could care less who is gay, straight, or bi. Just had to put my 2 cents in. Peace.

  6. Angela Hall

    I understand why they didn't come out, and why they preferred women. Men back in the day were more misogynistic and controlling. They were too strong for men like that. These women are products of the time's as well as strong minded. I don't care that they were into women, I commend them. Men can be too much.

  7. Linda Easley

    I don't think Anthony Perkins was closeted . It was known several years before he died that he was gay . I can believe Katherine Hepburn was a lesbian . And the other female stars bi

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