Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes Review: Do Magnetic Eyelashes Really Work?

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Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes Review: Do Magnetic Eyelashes Really Work?

Hi guys, my name is Liz, so today I’m super excited about this, because this will be a game-changing product magnetic eyelashes and these are different than the ones that I’ve heard of so these magnetic eyelashes.

Actually, the eyeliner is magnetic. It’s, not the eyelash. It’s, the eye liner, which is going to be a little strange. But if it works out it’s going to be a game-changer cuz. I honestly hate peeling up lashes.

Quick and easy magnetic eyelashes

It kind of like hurts my eyes, because sometimes I get the glue on my actual real lashes and end up pulling out my lashes, and it just is so painful, especially if you overdo it with the glue. You know you’ve been there.

I’m sure, but this is magnetic. So it’s, hopefully not going to pull up any of my eyelashes and it’s. Gon na be much easier to clean up as well. There’s, nothing worse than having like old glue on your eyelashes, and you just sit there and like pick at it all day, I’ve totally been there.

So you guys this is the air shine magnetic eyeliner and eye lashes kit and it’s, reusable waterproof, and it comes with two tubes of magnetic eyeliner and then five pairs of magnetic eyelashes and then eyelash applicator.

Arishine 5-Pair Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner Kit

So it comes with all the things you need, which is awesome, and this kit, I think, was like $ 24. It was a little pricey, but when you think about it, it’s coming with five pairs of lashes, and they should be reusable to the point where you don’t have to pick up any eye lashes for a while.

So let’s, open up this baby and see what’s in here. Oh wow, okay, okay, first, like right off the bat, this looks like a really good kit, like really high quality. So you guys we have five pairs of eyelashes and these eyelashes are gorgeous.

I’m excited to try these babies out and the banns does look kind of thick, but since its magnetic oh, this is so strange since it’s magnetic you want to put a really good layer of the eyeliner on and then It should stick on very easily to the eyeliner, hopefully, and then it comes with a really nice pair of these tweezers.

So you can just easily place the eyelash right onto the eyeliner. If you guys can see, I’m gonna get up nice and close. It looks like the added us like a like a strip of magnetic to each part right here, yep.

So when you let it loose it just snaps right back into place, which is awesome that’s. What we want it to do so this is this is so unique. I’m, really excited um, so these are indeed magnetic. What we’re gonna have to do is test out to make sure that the eyeliner is magnetic you guys, I’m just gonna put a little bit of eyeliner right on my skin.

Okay, and this is the applicator. Now you hold it up, so a nice thin applicator, which I am a fan of, and I really appreciate so. I’m gonna let this dry and then I’m, going to try and apply one of these lashes to the wing on my hand, and then we’re gonna apply it to my eye and we’re gonna wait a second, so that’s, wait! Okay, so I put some eyeliner onto my hand just to test it out, and I’m gonna pick up one of these lashes and let’s.

See where are you gonna stick? Oh my gosh. Yes, stuck no problem, Wow, okay, that’s; super cool okay. So now that I know that it sticks, I’m, going to run some eyeliner across my eye. You guys I didn ‘

T know that the eyeliner was the magnetic part. I thought there was two lashes and they, like sandwiched, your actual lash. I thought that’s, how these work. Oh, these are strong babies. Okay, I mean I’m a fan and then you can just pop them back in, like there’s, no mess at all.

So, okay, let me put some eyeliner on to my actual eyes: okay, okay, so I have the eyeliner on and it comes with two. So you can reuse these suckers a lot that’s. A lot of glue. Okay, I’m gonna pop this back into my kit.

Okay, we’re gonna let this dry for just a second, I don’t have a sensitive skin whatsoever. So I don’t. Have any issues with this at all it doesn’t feel any burning sensation or anything like that, and I know a lot of people are allergic to eyelash glue.

So this will be a great alternative. You know if your skin doesn’t break out okay, so I’m gonna take one of these off. This is really simple to do. All you have to do is really pick it up, and this is my left okay.

So let me look at a mirror Wow that was so easy. It’s. No, I have never applied an eyelash so easily. What and these are pretty they’re like perfect. Oh, my god. You guys these feel actually amazing. I’m, so impressed.

Let me try the other style they it comes with. Like I’m, you know a less dramatic version and then the drama which I’m here, for but let’s. Try and your more casual, lash, okay, so one thing I did notice um this lash kind of got stuck to my other lashes, like it didn’t want to adhere to my my lash line, because I did get a little bit of glue up In my actual lashes, so I was trying to cling on to that so that’s, the only trouble I had with it, but I quickly was able to correct it.

So those are really, you know pretty chill lashes, not very noticeable, but they look. So good and you can’t even see like the band or anything. Nothing looks weird you guys these look so cute and they were literally the easiest thing to put on like I’ve been putting on lashes for a long time, and I was worried about this band because the bands are very thick on this, but It was the easiest thing to put on because you just like literally plop it right there and it all connects up on its own because it’s magnetic wow.

I’m, really impressed with this. This is hands-down one of my new favorite products like hands down. This is so easy to do, especially if you are not good at putting on lashes. Get you some of this as long as you can apply a nice little line of eyeliner.

This is like foolproof. You don’t need to do anything else. Folks, oh wow, so I’m, going to try and take this off so yeah that did not hurt at all. Yes, no pain, taking off your eyelashes anymore, you guys! This is a game! Changer, I am so here for it, so let me go ahead and put the other drama eyelash on so just grab.

It cool think your connect Wow. Have you ever seen anything so simple in your life. This is amazing. Oh, my god, literally no issues and like these look good. These look like some really nice quality, mink lashes, these aren’t cheap.

They aren’t weird-looking and I didn’t cut them down or anything. If I wanted to cut them down, I could a little bit, but they honestly fit my eyes perfectly. I don’t need to even touch them, but yeah you guys.

They look so good. You can’t, see the band or anything because of the black eyeliner, so it’s. It looks really perfect. The only thing I will say is like, if you don’t like wearing eyeliner. This clearly won’t work for you, but if you are pretty much always wearing eyeliner with your eyelashes, then this is hands-down.

The best way to go because you’re, not gon, na, be ruining your natural lashes. It’s, not gonna hurt to take off, and it literally takes two seconds to put these eyelashes on, like I could get in the habit of wearing eyelashes every day that’s.

How easy this was so I’m highly impressed. I’m gonna go back to Amazon and write a bomb review, because this is no joke. This is one of the best products I’ve ever used so yeah. You guys, I hope you like this review.

This is unlike any product. I’ve ever seen on the market. Again, it is from Amazon and it will be linked in the description box below if you want to read more reviews or go ahead and purchase it on your own, but yea.

You guys definitely have to try this out, especially if you’re. Not very good at lashes, this will make it a breeze, and while you guys are there go ahead and take advantage of my 30-day free trial of Amazon, Prime it’s in the description box below you can get your shipping completely free using the Trial linked in the description box below so go ahead, and take advantage of that.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little first impressions of these lashes. I am obsessed I’m, not going back. I hope they keep making more styles and different types of lashes like this, because I will not go back to regular lashes once this becomes a thing.

No pain, easy is how to put on it’s just amazing.

Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes Review: Do Magnetic Eyelashes Really Work?

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