Arishine 10-Pair Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Review

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Hola amigos and welcome in this video i’ll, be doing a review of the irish shine magnetic eyelashes. Never have i tried any magnetic eyeshadows before and i chose these based on reviews on social media and some websites. They were the highest rated most recommended brand, so stay tuned.
If you want to try these out with me all right guys, so the kit comes with two tubes of magnetic eyeliner, 10 pair of magnetic eyelashes and one eyelash applicator comes all of this. Comes in this nice little box here and i haven’t opened the box yet so this is the first time i’m doing this with you guys, wow.
Okay, so you see here two tubes of magnetic eyeliner, the one two three four five: six, seven, eight nine ten pairs of eyelashes wow, guys and this plastic, or is it plastic or metal? You know it feels a little metal.
So i don’t know how smart that is with magnetic eyelashes. I might use one of my plastic ones if needed, but i normally just use my fingers. I’m, pretty good or use my fingers to put on eyelashes. So we’ll, see um so yeah.
This is everything that’s in the kit here guys and i’m, pretty sure everything was under 30 dollars. I’ll, be popping up the link down below and the picture of with the price here all right, so let’s.
Go let’s, get to it all right. So this is the magnetic eyeliner. I did see as a tip that some people noted to use regular eyeliner first and then just use this on top uh. Just to where you you’re gonna have the lashes.
The only thing if you’re gonna try it out with using the regular eyeliner first is to make sure that it’s waterproof, because if it’s not and you start to sweat and it’S gonna it’s. Gon na affect the the eyeliner.
On top i’m bare. I have nothing on my eyes actually not even anything on my skin, which is kind of why i have the light turn up a little bit to kind of wash out my face. I’ve, been treating myself during quarantine and you know just being a bad girl when it comes to my eating habits, so my skin definitely shows it a little bit uh.

Arishine magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner
Hopefully you know i won’t get too too close, where you see all the little imperfections but yeah. My skin is not the greatest at the moment, and i think that might lead to a face. Pass video in the future stay tuned all right.
Let’s, get to the eyeliner. I’m gonna be looking over here, just because i have a mirror. So i can see i normally like really thick eyeliner and i don’t know if that’s, because i have ocd wow. I just have to know that the application is super, smooth and easy with this eyeliner so yeah i don’t know if it’s, because i ocd and i start to dry and i just try and perfect it so it gets Thicker, but i just got used to it – i really like doing a thick eyeliner.
Okay, another tip i read when using magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner is to make sure that you let it dry completely before applying the lash alrighty. So there’s, one down. Okay, on to the other eye, now guys again, i don’t, have any makeup on my face other than my brows and this pink liquid lipstick from the new selena line that launched this year.
Alright, so i am just gonna. Do this to kind of help the eyeliner dry, the application was very smooth, very easy with this magnetic eyeliner, and this side looks: oh, maybe a little bit more from that eye, and this one i just put it on so i’m gonna.
I’m gonna wait for it to dry. In the meantime, i’m gonna look at the lashes that we have here and pick one wow um. Let’s start guys with this one here, the third one down. I think it gets more dramatic as you go down and yeah we’ll, just start with the three lucky number three or we could do lucky number seven.

Magnetic eyelashes
What’s? Number? Seven, three, four, five! Six! Seven! It’s these here. So these are these um! Let’s, open them by three all right ooh! They’re coming off pretty easily, which is a plus two, because sometimes when you buy regular eyelashes and you try and take them off the little holder i’m – really scared.
I’m gonna pull or bend, but this came out pretty easy. Okay, now this eye should be dry, so i’m gonna apply it moment of truth guys. Okay again, i’m gonna be looking over here, so that i could see where i’m applying.
Oh, my god, this just went on so easy wow. Now a little side note my regular lashes go down, so i probably should have curled them first, but normally with like lashes that i buy in the store. I don’t them right on top of my lashes, and you can’t really tell unless you’re like really staring looking out from the side.
So i just wanted to see how they would work with this and wow. Look at this guys. You know what how do we do? Number seven on the other eye, so let’s. Do three four: five: six, seven! Okay! So number seven more dramatic! I almost want to be crazy and try on the most dramatic on the left eye, but you know what they were negative, so we could take them off and try on other ones all right.
I think it’s pretty dry, although to the touch it feels a little bit sticky. I think they’re dry. All right. This is the number seven let’s, give it a go all right. For some reason, number ones were a little bit easier, but that’s, not to say that this was hard to apply wow.
You could tell the difference for sure wow all right. I’m gonna take whoa. I just tried to pull them off you guys and it was a strong hold. You really have to like tuck all right. So i put these back and do we like these? You know what let’s.
Go i’m gonna. Take this one off too. Look at that. Look at that guys, okay and let’s, go with number one. The most natural looking and we’ll, keep those on for the rest of the day how they look. Oh, you know what i just noticed that when i took off the other pair, it kind of um took a little bit of the eyeliner off.
So i’m just going to retouch it. Let it dry out this side too. You could see like where the magnets were, because that’s, where it kind of came off all right. If you guys hear the little beep. In the background, that means that dinner is ready all right, so i just reapplied that gonna dry it real quick before applying the other lashes.
In the meantime, i’m just going to take them off this thing here. How many magnets i’m curious one, two, three, four, five madness! I don’t know if that’s for every lash. I’m assuming yes, but for these lashes these number one lashes.
They have five magnets all right guys. What do you guys think? Is it dry? I think it’s dry. I really like the eyeliner that was really easy to apply again. The hole was really good. These are like really subtle, so these are super.
Super subtle wow i’m trying to like take it off, because i think i did it too close in this corner. You see that, but the hold is like nice and tight. I love that so i should have pulled the liner a little bit back more because so it would look like this.
I’m gonna try to get it to be that, so you guys can see a final look there. It goes all right. Okay, guys once again, this was a review of the ahri magnetic eyelashes, which were the highest rated most recommended ones on social media.
That is why i decided to go ahead with these. There are other ones out there available. Of course, price range varies thinking of maybe in the future doing a review of another magnetic eyelash brand. You guys tell me down below that’s, something you would want to see.
I’m, pretty happy with the eyelashes. The eyeliner was easy to apply. I love how smooth it went on the hold of these magnetic eyelashes is recommended. You saw that when i tried to fix this one here, i was pulling at it and it was holding on.
I’m, very excited as to how we’ll hold up in the heat with all the sweat with the tears uh we’ll, see, but so far indications are that this is a good brand. I could see why it’s highly recommended all right guys.
This is it for the review of the irish shine magnetic eyelashes. I hope you don’t mind the aesthetics in the back. I wanted to get up close and personal for this review. I just wanted to keep it simple and raw talking to you guys, one on one as i opened this box and tried it out all right guys.
This is it for the ahri magnetic eyelashes review. I hope you found this video useful. It was super easy, as you saw to put these lashes on, and they seem to have. A strong hold would definitely recommend them.
If you’ve been thinking about it, just go ahead and try it. You will not regret it for sure. Let me know if you do try it out down below in the comments. Any other ideas suggestions also hit put them down in the comments always happy to hear from you guys.
Thank you so much for watching give it a like. I’ll, see you guys next time.

Arishine 10-Pair Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Review

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