Hollywood Van Tour ( Full Experience ) – Celebrity Homes / Beverly Hills / Rodeo & Mulholland Drive

A visit to Hollywood Blvd to take one of the many van tours available to see the sites . This was a 2 hour trip all around Mulholland Drive , Beverly Hills and much more .

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28 Replies to “Hollywood Van Tour ( Full Experience ) – Celebrity Homes / Beverly Hills / Rodeo & Mulholland Drive”

  1. TheDailyWoo

    Instagram – AdamTheWooATW
    Always wanted to go on this type of tour . The chopped off roof vans lining the blvd are everywhere . I went with this from an onlookers perspective , did not chime in to attempt to question or correct any info along the way . Enjoy !
    Previous video https://youtu.be/BBWu91gVnDg

  2. Ratty Chick

    I must say I enjoyed doing one of these tours years ago but some of the celebrity’s are divorced or sold up now I guess the tour guides say “ this house used to owned by …… lol “🤣

  3. jabba da hutt

    Get a map to da stars find heidi fluess .
    Driver has heavy foreign accent, Iranian afgani, Iraqi. Not menu, cu an, Spanish or u r a peon.

  4. MarxingRightAlong

    watched muted = guides vernacular was beyond repulsive to my ears and unintelligible no matter what the volume 🙁 🙁 ~ super glad it wasn't me paying for its babbling 🙂 🙂

  5. Sands Real Estate West

    LIES LIES LIES!! ALL LIES!! Most the homes "owned by celebrities" is LIES!!! Glad to see this video because I won't take this tour..

  6. Harlem Thamry

    Haha, I enjoyed the tour guide’s Egyptian accent. Just check out any Jon Stewart video having Bassem Youssef as his guest.

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