Hollywood Celebrity’s Houses

My trip to Hollywood and Beverly Hills celebrity’s houses. / Mi viaje a las mansiones de Hollywood y Beverly Hills

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29 Replies to “Hollywood Celebrity’s Houses”

  1. jabba da hutt

    Batman house is pickfair, 1 of d first, torn down by pia zadora, because it was haunted by one of Douglas fairbank's jilted lovers. Too bad , historic, but Hollywood doesn't care. Too late

  2. Yesenia Rivera Torres

    no caigan bien alejesen de mi vida te Lo pido va a mod FAMILIARES Lo juro q no me voy a incribir por La Memoria de mis hijos

  3. Summerafternoon

    Can someone tell me what he is talking about at 11:50? The Fresh Prince house is in Brentwood and can't be seen from the street like this. What house is this? And I can't find anything online about the Gone with the Wind mansion. And certainly nothing that says both Fresh Prince and GWTW used this mansion for filming. This makes me question everything this tour guide is saying.

  4. Steven Sardinta

    Maybe we could understand you if you stopped swallowing the microphone and who ever shot this video must have parkinsons.


    Are there any vlogs on YouTube of where the STARS of YESTERYEAR used to live, I'm talking stars of the 1930's, 1940's, 50's and 60's .I'm 51 now and while i do like today's stars I'm MORE into the one's of yesteryear.

  6. Jeff somersby

    People should have their phones taken off them if they can't film with the thing. How Much intelligence does it take to film a house yet this fool can't …

  7. Chris Adamson

    Can you prove that is Lawrence Fishburnes house? I could take people on a tour and say this is so and so's house… The houses in those areas are covered with bushes tree's etc… Nobody knows who the current residents are…

  8. mrninninnin

    Houses of the Brainwashers who have all unknowingly joined and participate in one of the evilest cults allowed to operate in america. Injecting poison ideas into the minds of children through movies and tv only to gestate, grow, and finally take hold as adults. This is how americans are made

  9. fordie 58

    These are not the homes of super-rich celebrities, which can never be viewed from bus tours.  These homes are decoys for them, providing an extra layer of protection.  These are actually homes for the producers, agents, managers, etc. for the real celebrities.  These tour buses are tourist traps that bring in a lot of income for the bus companies.  This should be glaringly obvious to those of you who have learned to see through the false realities that these pseudo-tours have been creating for you for more than half a century now.  Think for yourselves from now on.  Take the blinders off.

  10. Bastiaan ten Doornkaat

    Unless you got to live there yourself and got a nice bankaccount this must be the most frustrating job you can get in Beverly hills.

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