20 Replies to “Funniest Celebrity Audience Reactions”

  1. Resident Reveler

    Little girls who are getting triggered over Jerry fucking Seinfeld rejecting Kesha's hug, please look up the word consent. She should have walked away when he said no the first time. Men have the right to turn down hugs. No means NO.

  2. Industrial Technique

    People need to quit ripping Seinfeld for nit hugging Kesha.

    1) was doing an interview that she interrupted like a crazed fan

    2) he had no idea who she was it could be some crazy stalker of his for all
    He knew

    3) hes happily married to a pretty good looking woman for his age thats for sure. I think he cares how things will come off and hownit would just look

    4) some people dont like hugging in public or getting in someones personal space without knowing who they are especially

    5) he even felt a bit bad about t by saying hopefully shes ok

    Get over yourselves if you think it was rude, if anyone was rude it was Kesha

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