Celebrity Couples Who Will Sadly Call It Quits In 2019

Unfortunately for these celeb couples, whether it’s due to lifestyle changes, cheating allegations, or simply their relationship running its course, we think the chances are high that the romance is going to fizzle out in 2019.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber | 0:11
Cami Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio | 0:44
​Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson | 1:14
Demi Lovato and Henry Levy | 1:49
Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick | 2:46

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28 Replies to “Celebrity Couples Who Will Sadly Call It Quits In 2019”

  1. JORDAN KEITH clean

    How you a bachelor?…. Are you 30 now know how to dance and sing… Maybe a celebrity in a big career wanting to give yourself, the moves, and spirit to someone equally deserving? Let's not leave key features out and really help these people along the right guidelines or it's resultless.

  2. Beautiful Strange

    Why can’t people just be faithful I mean it shows people with so many different people aren’t they worried about diseases

  3. Alexa Ben

    I think Justin will run to ex Selena and break up with Hailey is life will be mess break up song here we go. If Hailey and Justin break up and don’t want Hailey to go back to Justin Hailey can live her best life. Justin will ever model 😂

  4. Shelly's Creation

    Speaking of "Trying too hard to prove", I'm surprised you didn't include Nick-Priyanka in the list. That rushed, all-for-public affair, followed by the even more rushed, all-for-public, sponsorship circus of a marriage has 'FAKE' written all over it! They both are simply doing everything they can to stay relevant and it's a little too obvious.

  5. Nadine Schneider

    Leonardo DiCaprio should really try to get himself together.. the man is going to end up with AIDS like Charlie Sheen. Not to mention it is beyond shallow that he is never dated anyone but a supermodel.

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