Biggest Upsets & Surprises At The 2019 Emmy Awards

The 2019 Emmy Awards was full of surprising victories! Access Hollywood looks back at some of the most talked-about wins and losses of the night – from “Game of Thrones” taking home Outstanding Drama Series for a final season that received mixed reviews, to newcomers like “Fleabag’s” Phoebe Waller-Bridge, “Ozark’s” Julia Garner and “When They See Us” star Jharrel Jerome beating out big-name stars for their first-ever Emmy awards.

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  1. I was hoping Sandra to take it last year, Emilia take it home this year, and Jodie next year.
    The GREATEST crime of this is that Lena Headey never won for a single Emmy in the past. Like WHAT?

  2. Game of thrones season 8 does not deserve an Emmy, I don’t give a shit if the crew members put in their efforts, every tv show nominated put equal efforts. GoT was finished in a terrible way.

  3. Most of those shows I never heard of them I was only watching for Gamed Of Thrones ! I wanted Emília Clark to win

  4. Huge GOT fan but they didn't deserve to win in my honest opinion. Season 8 was an anti-climatic end to ten years of golden tv viewing. Killing Eve should have got the Emmy and swept the board. Well deserved wins for Phoebe Waller Bridge and Jodie Comer. Pure class. Oh and lets not forget Julia Garner in Ozark, always my favourite character from the get go.

  5. Almost every single one of these was the favourite, or at least one of the favourites in their categories…not surprising at all…

  6. I´m fucking upset about Better Call Saul being robbed AGAIN. Come on. What else do Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks and the rest of the crew gotta do to get the damn award? Also, there´s one snub nobody´s talking about: Tom Ellis for Lucifer. Yes, the show might not be perfect but Ellis just lives in that role. His acting range is amazing and he´s able to make us feel pity for the actual devil. But, other actors like J. Bateman for Ozark and Milo Ventimiglia for This is Us are always nominated even though their works are not Emmy material, at least to me.

  7. I really wanted Amy Adams to win over Michelle. Yet another year where over the top dramatic performances are awarded over subtle ones.

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