Arishine 5-Pair Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit Review

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Arishine 5-Pair Magnetic Eyeliner and lashes Kit Review

Hi guys happy Saturday, I hope everybody’s having a great day. I want to make this video because the other day, I posted a picture of myself wearing magnetic lashes, and I actually got a lot of questions and regards them in regards to how easy they are to put on how are they, if I like them, etc.

Blah blah blah. Yes, I like them. I absolutely love them. They’re super easy super clean super convenient. I literally put them on in under two minutes, so I just wanted to share with all of you guys my little secret on my new lashes.

Now so this brand I got from Amazon coz. I just wanted to try something I didn’t want to put so much money into something I wasn’t sure of or doubted a little bit so this I actually got on Amazon. It’s, called era, shine magnetic magnetic eyelash and eye liner kits.

It comes at five lashes, two eyeliners and an eyelash applicator, which is pretty nice because it’s all under 20 bucks. So it’s, a lot. What you get for it and I’ll show you use a kit. So this is the box that’s.

Arishine 5-Pair Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner Kit

What it looks like – and this is the kit I have the applicator in my hand, because I want to show you guys that just goes like that, but it comes with two eyeliners and a set of five lashes. I’ve, been messing with this one, so I’m, going to go ahead and use those.

These are a little bit more dramatic, but I’m, going to show you how easy and simple they are tap on. So I put the eyeliner on already and it’s very skinny tip here I’ll, show you so it’s, a little bottle open and it’s like a liquid eyeliner with a skinny skinny tip, Which is oh, can you even see it? Oh there it is.

I don’t even see the camera. Can you tell it’s? My first video I can anyway, this is the tip it’s really good. I like it, it’s. Neat, it’s waterproof. This is how it looks on your skin. So I mean it’s game.

For me, it doesn’t rub off it’s waterproof. It’s, black doesn’t. I’ll. Take it. I’m good, so I’m gonna go ahead and take my lashes. All right. Take them off and I don’t know if you could see it, but you might not be able to say, but there’s little magnetic prongs in there.

That is what sticks to the eyeliner. So that goes on, like that, I might have to cut these um, but again, the purpose of this video is just to show you how easy they are to put on okay lash that one. Oh it’s, easy, then what’s? The point of this video then right, why am I doing this video if it’s, not easy easy? So then this one just goes like, so I take the end of the applicator.

Magnetic eyelashes

It helps me like push it down into place. I used to have my nail tips, obviously before the nail salons closed and the applicator really helped those because my nail tips – sometimes it’s really hard.

But no, I don’t, have ugly nails now, but beautiful lashes. I guess alright. So they are a little long. It’s, okay, cuz, who doesn’t like being dramatic sometimes, but now you could see how easy and simple it is to put on, and just like my lashes are bold and dramatic.

Sometimes I like to put another mascara on my real lashes to kind of blend them put some on here. I did my makeup before so I just been waiting to do this video, so sometimes I put a little bit just over here.

Just you know, don’t want to put a lot because you don’t want your eyes to be like crazy. What oops I made a mess oops anyway, whatever this video was just for the eyelashes, so I ‘ Ll fix up and clean up whatever, but anyway, as you can see, they’re on so um.

Once work starts back up and I’m able to go in these are definitely gonna be part of my morning routine. It saves on my time say that my mascara cuz, I don’t, have to use as much and for those who do wear glasses.

These really don’t bother glasses at all, so cuz I’m. I I wear glasses too, so it doesn’t touch this lens yeah and that’s. How easy it was the bottom lashes, so I hope everybody liked that video have a good day.

Arishine 5-Pair Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit Review

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