A Model’s Easy and Natural Makeup

A Model’s Easy and Natural Makeup

A Model’s Super Chatty Realistic GRWM | Natural & Easy Makeup Routine, What I Do For My Morning Routine, & Picking My Daily Outfit To Take On New York City | Sanne Vloet

Hey guys,

Is today the first day of Spring? I know there is a tradition in the United States where an animal that looks like a squirrel predicts how much more winter we have? What is this called and does the squirrel ever predict it correctly?

It’s almost April guys and I cannot wait for warmer spring days. It’s raining here in New York so send us some sunshine please #VitaminD

Today is all about keeping it real. This get ready with me is what I really do, it’s realistic and what I try to do when I am rushed for time. When I am home with a free day I like to hang in my favorite pj’s, you know the one you’ve had for years that fits you so well? We all have a pair right?

Well for this video I had a casting, a meeting, and lunch with a girlfriend. Since I try to keep it natural I didn’t use too many products, but my goal is to always look fresh and beautiful!

So I’m going to ask you guys on Instagram too, but I want to do a Q & A, but I want it to be more interactive. Is there a way you guys can put your questions into a video? So what we can do is if everyone can vote on their favorite questions and then whoever asked the question that gets voted to the top can send me the question in a video to be featured in my next Q&A?

Hopefully you guys will be in to it! Have a wonderful day!



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Products I use in this video:

– Embryolisse Creme: http://bit.ly/2TN6RSa
– Giorgio Armani Foundation- 6: http://bit.ly/2Ju7oDK
– Charlotte Tilbury Concealer: http://bit.ly/2TSQhjN
– Mac Brow Stylizer: http://bit.ly/2HKDlW8
– Charlotte Tilbury Exagger-Eyes Palette: http://bit.ly/2TMzj6A
– Lune + Aster Volumizing Mascara: https://bit.ly/2Lx0SJZ
– Marc Jacobs Tan-Tastic Bronzer: http://bit.ly/2FfqpVe
– Fresh Lipbalm: http://bit.ly/2UPjtEQ
– IGK Texturizing Hairspray: http://bit.ly/2JrsWB5

A Model’s Easy and Natural Makeup


  1. please keep posting more makeup looks! i have the same complexion and eye shape as you, so your videos are really helpful πŸ™‚

  2. I enjoy the what I eat in a day and the coffee talks! They are so fun it feels like I am hanging out with a friend.

  3. I thought she had makeup on right when she started the video… then when she put on makeup I was like, oh.😭😭

  4. This video was superb. How effortlessly beautiful you are in a simple pair of jeans and plain dried hair. And u have such an intelligent, classy, superrelaxed, warm and kind personality . Plus you have Max. God has blessed you truly. Stay blessed. It makes us all super happy to watch your relaxed,beautiful and grounded, soft demeanor while speaking sensible stuff. You do put in hard work in ur vlogs which is apparent. Way to go

  5. I LOVE the chatty GRWM and coffee talks because it’s like talking with a friend about random things and it fills my heart ❀️

  6. I really love when you make videos about healthy eating, workout and wellness related treatments. I find it extremely helpful!

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