10 Child Celebs Who Aged Badly!

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

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10 Replies to “10 Child Celebs Who Aged Badly!”

  1. Vicky Lopez

    I wanted to apologize to Mara Wilson. When we both went to Jordan junior high. I remember being so excited to see you and I said "Hi Matilda!" and many laugh. I laughed along nervously with the rest. Later found out she didn't like to be called like that since many did it to bully her. and that was not my intention I was just excited to see her in the same school as I attended. SORRY MARA Great job on your success!!!

  2. Geekteach

    Lark Voorhees has lupus, which negatively affects one's looks. Shame on you for attributing her looks to plastic surgery and mental illness!

  3. Redgonetogray

    This is the most insulting video out… I'm ashamed I clicked on it and gave you a view. But then again that's most likely you MO… you win !

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