10 Celebs Who Are Unrecognizable Without Makeup

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Celebrities have the luxury and the cash to afford their own personal glam squads. So when they take the makeup off, it can be satisfying to know they are just like us! But, some celebrities look like completely different people without their makeup! From a YouTube makeup guru to an ex “The Voice” star on the rise, these are 10 celebs who are unrecognizable without makeup!

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27 Replies to “10 Celebs Who Are Unrecognizable Without Makeup”

  1. Quarnesha Thomas

    I just came here to see what Melanie Martinez looks like with no makeup i just came here after i looked her up on google she is very beautiful

  2. Kyoko Chan

    I’m sorry but this video was just a waste of time you didn’t even do the real Melanie Martinez without make up that picture was when she was a kid you idiot ;-;

  3. Lauren O Dono

    Kylie jenner is so beautiful without makeup…….. she has such gorgeous and natural freckles, and tbh who cares if she has a few blemishes? shes waaayyy prettier without it 🧡💜❤

  4. Kristyn Bachman

    So… did you not realize you posted a picture of Kelli Pickler at the end of the Carrie Underwood bit? It WASN'T Carrie… LMFAO. Fail, guys.

  5. Lisa Manoban

    I used to love Melanie Martinez but then I heard about the Rapist story, she stopped releasing songs and just watching videos of her where she is exposed, so I just got rid of my albums and merch and got interested in Kpop ❤️

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